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Bingo Prize Ideas

Bingo has been amongst the all-time favorite games of the casino fanatics. This highly entertaining game never fails to engage the players for long. From festivals to family gatherings, this game is a great way to relish togetherness. If you are hosting a bingo party at home, then you need to figure out the best bingo prize ideas for an amazing fun time.

Bingo Prize Ideas

The Ever-Increasing Craze of Bingo

The charm of the game has not faded. For ages, this game has been highly adored for its exciting gameplay and lucrative prizes. Besides, this game provides a fair chance of winning to all the players. This creates a wave of enthusiasm amongst the players to win big. Yet to win great prizes, one needs a striking combination of tactics and luck.

The Bingo Ticket: Your Gateway to Rewards

The most commonly played version of this game is the 90-ball one. A ticket comprises of 27 spaces in which there are 9 columns and 3 rows. The arrangement of the numbers is as follows:

  • First Column: Numbers 1-9 or 10
  • Second Column: Numbers10-19 or 11-20
  • Third Column: Numbers 20-29 or 21-30 and so on till the last column
  • Last Column: Numbers 80-81 or 90
Bingo ticket

Winnings Combinations in a Bingo Game

Before deciding the prizes to be given away to the winners in the game, it is important to assess the winning combinations first.

Winning CombinationsConditions
Four CornersThe corner numbers of the top as well as bottom lines
Single LineA single horizontal line comprising of 5 numbers in a ticket
Two LinesAny two lines on a ticket
Full HouseContaining all the 15 numbers on the ticket

Ideas for the prizes in the game

Hosting a bingo game party for your friends or family is the best recreational activity. For keeping your loved ones glued to the game, it is quite important to get attractive rewards for them. The following are the bingo prize ideas that would help you in making your bingo party, a blockbuster one.

Bingo game prizes

Gift Vouchers

The gift vouchers of a particular brand or a store are one of the best prizes for the winners. These vouchers allow the winners to purchase something of their wish. This makes it a pretty much attractive reward for the players.

Portable Music Player

This is a perfect accessory for the ones that love to play music on-the-go. Besides, portable music players are quite affordable as well. Also, such music players come in assorted colors that give them a stylish look.

Digital Clock

The digital clocks have become more of an interior decoration accessory rather than a utility one. Apart from this, the digital clocks make it very convenient for the user to see the time, day, and date.

Nail Clipper Set

A nail clipper set is all that one needs for grooming the toenails and fingernails. This set comprises of the essential manicure and pedicure tools that can be used by both, men and women.

Coffee Mug

Besides a good coffee mug, what else a coffee lover would need? These days, the coffee mugs arrive in alluring designs with motivational quotes for inspiration. Nothing could be better than starting the day with a delightful mug of coffee.

LED Flashlight

The LED flashlight is a vital accessory that is useful in the times when there is no electricity. Most LED flashlights come with impressive battery backups for delivering long-lasting performance.

Fleece Blanket

The fleece blankets are made of premium quality fur. These luxurious blankets are warm and comfortable. They are mainly useful for winters. Besides being cozy, such blankets would be a great addition to the bedroom also.


The headphones are an irreplaceable accessory that every music lover craves for. The most highlight part is that they come at budget-friendly prices depending upon the features and functionality.

Specialty Tea/Coffee

There are diversified assortments of specialty tea and coffee infused with exotic flavors. Apart from having a delightful taste, these arrive in alluring packaging as well. The winners would surely love such tongue-soothing treats.

Assorted Chocolates

Who does not love to eat chocolates? From kids to adults, everyone craves for them. There are different flavors of chocolates available in the market. Besides, one can even go for the homemade chocolates wrapped in beautiful packaging.

Skincare Products

The skincare delights such as lotions, hand creams, body washes, and perfumes are good options for prizes. Such products are mostly unisex, which makes them suitable for all. These would make up for a worthy reward for the winners.

Wrap Up

The aforesaid ideas for the prizes would motivate the players to go for the win. Most importantly, do not forget to classify the prizes as per the level of winning. The winner of the jackpot should get the most expensive prize. Bingo is all about a game of luck and chances but more than that, it is a good excuse to spend a memorable time with your dear ones.

Social Distancing Bingo

Social distancing bingo is an interactive game of bingo that has evolved following the COVID-19 pandemic. From the name, it is clear that the game involves activities to enjoy oneself during the pandemic.

This is a game that takes casino lovers indoors. One of the measures taking for safety against COVID-19 was social distancing. Hence, playing this game will require that players stay away or at a distance from another.

Especially in states and cities with high scores of infection, staying near another person is risky. Hence, this game was made to close the gap for casino lovers that desire the experience. Therefore, this card known as the social distancing card was designed.

The card features several fun activities that promote social distancing. The social distancing card you get may differ based on your chosen provider. Nevertheless, the idea of this game is to providing excitement for every casino lovers even during the pandemic.


Rules guide the playing and direction of this game and they must be properly followed to sustain the game’s excitement. Some of the important ones include:

  • This game is at your mercy and you are free to modify the contents and writings as you choose.
  • The game must be played with another family or friend while maintaining the safety protocols
  • Taking any step marked is dependent on the players. They may choose to complete every task or simply make an attempt.
  • Getting a full-house is not necessary only that the required patterns and lines for winning must be met.
  • Ensure that you wash your hands after every transaction is completed. This is applicable when you are playing on-to-one and not online.
  • If you are playing a card attached to an institution, ensure that the institutional protocols are obeyed.

How to win?

This social distancing Bingo has some simple ways of winning it. A new player must know these ways. They are:

The first way to win is by scoring a straight or diagonal line. As mentioned earlier when the instruction on the card says to read a book or perform a chore, it is not necessary to complete the task before proceeding.

Completing tasks across or along a line first gives you the win. This makes this game a little different from the usual casino type.

Another winning requirement is that when an institution is involved with this play, ensure to carry them along. Institutions like the Libraries and privates that supports this game fund this game.

While this game may have ended as there has been opening of casinos months after the closing due to a decrease in infections. Hence, you may not be a winner of any grand prize by playing this game but it is a fun game to try out.

Why do people play this game?

As you may have noticed from the start this game was most popular due to coronavirus. It was developed as a means of keeping people indoors and avoiding the increasing number of cases.

Since, there were many lovers of this game, adopting it was much easier for people. Also, ways to maintain the interaction and activity was still maintained.

Another possible reason to play this game is the prize. How exciting is it to sit at home receiving your relief package today and a bingo winning the next, right? Players that want to try their luck as in a normal play can also push it in this game.

It is advised that in every game of gambling players must be aware and in control of their game. It is not advised to spend your savings on gambling and you should only use money that you do not mind losing.