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Rainbow Bingo Adventure

Are you interested in playing video games? Do you know that you can enjoy bingo on your mobile devices by playing rainbow bingo adventure? Find out more here.

This article will bring everything you need to know about this video game. However, be informed that the game is currently available on Android mobile devices. This game is free to play and available for users.

If you have been on the hunt for a game that provides you with the perfect experience on your device, then this is your best bet. The game features various exciting perks to ensure that players do not get boring.

Before getting into the details of this game, be aware that most players that have experienced this game tagged it as the best they have ever played.

All about the game

This is an offline game produced by a company known as Beautiful Bingo games by difference LLC. The android version was released in 2017 on the android platform for users. It is a game centered on finding adventure as players enjoy their casino experience.

This game similar to other casino games involves buying tickets before the session begins. Since it is an offline game, players do not need internet or Wi-Fi connections. It can be enjoyed at any time and anywhere.

Nevertheless, being a video game, it is not useful as a form of earning or winning real money. Players are giving free credits in the game and making in-game purchases is by choice. Unlike similar games that spam players with buying and purchasing features with money, this is different.

On the Android Google play store, this game has had hundreds of thousands of downloads and maintains a rating of 4.5 from over 11,000 players.

How to download?

Downloading this game on an Android is very easy and can be done in some simple steps.

  • Open your Google play store or web browser.
  • Search for ‘rainbow bingo adventure’.
  • Click the game from the search list, if you are on a web browser, this should launch the play store app.
  • Click on download. Ensure that you have enough space on your device before taking this step.
  • Wait till the download is complete. Downloading should be fast depending on your internet connectivity.
  • Once the download is complete, launch the app and enjoy the game. At this stage, no connectivity is required.

These are the steps to take to get this app and enjoy offline on your Android device. Also, you can download the app using other third-party installers like Palmplay.


The features of this game are programmed to provide you always with exciting experiences. Some of the notable features include:

  • Adventure play
  • Players can buy up to four (4) tickets
  • Available for people aged 12 and above
  • Offline play
  • Different callers
  • Bingo fevers and more powerups for bonuses
  • Themed cards
  • Unlockable HD artworks available in each level
  • Background music during play
  • Hidden level treasures, and more.

These features and many others are available to players using this app. Having that the game is offline; players can enjoy a quality experience away from home and the plug. Nevertheless, the game had its last update in 2018 but is still very interesting and fun to play.

Bottom line

This is a very interesting and worthwhile video game. For players that desire the best screen experience even at times without connection, this is a good pick. While the game has not been updated in a while, it still consists of top features that make the progress exciting and fun.

Currently, the game is available on android, and players can have a good experience and it’s easy to download.

How to play Bingo on Zoom?

In this article, we find out how to play bingo on zoom and the perks attached. Is it possible? And why should you also play on zoom? This is for every player that wants to close the gap between time and space and enjoy their casino games.

Zoom is a communication service that is employed by many people as a means of observing meetings, reaching out to family members, participating in lectures, and reaching friends. However, that is not all this platform is useful for.

Using the zoom service requires that the user has an account that is logged in and smooth internet connectivity. It is possible on zoom to remain unknown either by blocking video or audio. This limits the participation of users, especially in a classroom setting.

The features of this platform remain one of its best-sellers. Hence, the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in several ideas and one of them is this good news for casino game lovers.

What’s this game like?

Just like the casino game that you fell in love with, this involves some set of cards rather than tickets. Also, you can decide to play the conventional ticket time as you wish. The host of this game is usually the caller.

As a lover of this game, if you are hosting the game and playing with family and friends, then you may as well be the caller. This involves playing like the normal game that you love, no difference. However, the card type will determine what you pick as a caller. Pick numbers when playing numbers type and pictures when playing a picture game.

The only difference between this game and the one that occurs in casinos is that this is family and friends based and occurs online. Otherwise, the fun, thrill, and excitement remain and there is a lesser chance of addiction or frustration.

How do I set up?

Now that you know that the game is just like your usual casino experience, how do you start?

  • Starting this game involves setting up the scale of players, how many people do you want to play with?
  • Create a zoom account as the host of the game and create a meeting for your chosen date.
  • Send the link to all participants (they do not need to create an account to join)
  • Create game cards using a generator
  • Inform them before the game date and send the cards, either digitally or through their mails. Ensure that they all have received their cards.
  • Get markets to tick the tickets during the game, however, using objects to mark is highly preferred. This allows the reuse of the tickets and cards.

Also, when using number tickets, you can use a bingo number caller, this predicts numbers randomly. Furthermore, you can choose to share the screen for all participants to see as the numbers are called. This is how to play bingo on zoom, hope you enjoy it.

Since this game is amongst family and friends, you can increase the wager and stakes to make the game more interesting and remember that the calling continues until someone wins. The prize can be set from the gathered stake and many games can be organized with many winners.

Is this the only game to play on zoom?

Zoom is a digital interactive platform and this casino game is not the only game that can be played there. Games like a family feud, outbursts, and other interactive group games can also be played there.

Playing this casino game has been active since the 15th century and modernization has brought about convenience. Therefore, playing this game on zoom is one of the best improvements to the game. It is a way of uniting peers and families based on their common activity.